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We are Self-taught photographers with the love to shoot and capture any and everything. It alls started with someone giving Us a brand new DSLR camera, and it just blossomed out of nowhere. We shot our first wedding, and it was on the roll from there. There were people lined up for my wife and I to come and shoot their family photos, party, and head shots. More and more the calls keep rolling in, and that made us think together. We can make money doing Exactly what We love. This is how T&T Image got its start. 


T&T Image derived from Us doing exactly what we love! And We get to work with A whole slew of people in the process. Our gift of photography, and some videography has led us to do a lot of work for people, and some businesses. We have shot and made a commercial for Fit As A Jewel Productions' "Pulpit Secrets". That one video has reached 14,000 people in one week. T&T Image has a saying Let us capture you making memories. 

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